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In the heart of the town of Newcastle West, Sonas is a hub for lovers of good coffee, tasty wholesome savouries and salads and sweet treats that satisfy but don’t pile on the pounds. 


Fresh salads daily from Ali Rae of Gourmet Greens 

Ali Rae has years of catering experience behind her, having worked market stalls for many years. Together we persuaded each other to come up with a daily salad menu that delivers taste, texture and feel good fuel in each bite. Some signature salads from Ali are borrowed from The Hemsley Sisters, Broccoli Slaw and Kale Caesar. These along with her own Coleslaw, Apple and Pear Slaw, Sweet Potato & Quinoa and loads more have gained her a loyal following who love what she does with fresh food. Ali is always innovating and she always delivers – luckily for Sonas fresh every day.

Savouries and Salads from Ciara Brennan of Happy Food at Home

Foodie entrepreneur Ciara Brennan runs a thriving home catering business Happy Food at Home. Ciara is on a mission to drive Vegan food to the forefront of great cuisine in Limerick. Creating salads and savouries that combine beautiful flavours, Ciara has added oomph to our menu by way of Samosas, Beetroot Burgers and Walnut ‘Meat’ Balls.


Sourdough bread, carrot walnut buns and wholesome soups from Jeff and Siobhan Gloux

Jeff and Siobhan Gloux bake for their market stall in The Square in town every Thursday and Saturday. Along with their warmth and charm they bring sensational Sourdough bread to Newcastle West, painstakingly nurtured each week by Jeff. This, along with Siobhan’s signature Carrot & Walnut buns and Jeff’s wholesome soups feature on our menu every week at Sonas. Jeff has an innate ability to create flavour without ever touching a stock cube. Lovers of his soups and savouries can testify.

Cakes, biscuits, nut balls and bread from Mary Ryan, Grain Free Pantry

I first came across The Grainfree Pantry while researching a way of treating inflammation called The GAPS protocol. Distraught at the thought of eliminating grains, Mary Ryan showed me that there is a way through and beyond without sacrificing the taste and enjoyment of good food. Since then she has supplied Sonas with her fabulous range of cakes, nut balls, biscuits and bread each week. The goodness, flavour and wholesome sweetness of Mary’s bakes satisfy and nourish all at once. Her best selling Mixed Nuts Truffles are the Ferrero Rocher of whole food.



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Coffee Culture

In October 2015 I revamped and relocated the shop to the town centre, The Square. I wanted to offer great coffee but knew nothing of Coffee Service and how to provide it. That’s where Alan Andrews at Coffee Culture came in. We got, and continue to get, superb training, expertise and support in order to deliver a great cup of coffee every time. We serve the Classic Blend at Sonas. It's smooth and warm, rich but not banging. We love it, our customers do too.

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