Our story

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The name Sonas means ‘Happiness’ or ‘Lightness of Spirit’.

It wasn’t always thus behind the scenes but it turns out that Sonas has become an event in itself and has grown into a thriving business. It is a central place in town for people to come to meet and eat, browse and shop, explore and consult on what is going on in their lives.

It all came about as a suggestion made to me while figuring out what I wanted to do in my life after turning 30 and moving back home.  I’d grown to love cooking and using whole foods, (well at least after my late teens; prior to that I would have eaten perhaps 5 things, none of them vegetables and one of them being biscuits!)  In my late twenties I’d been dabbling in the world of natural remedies and healing, trained as a Yoga teacher and was drawn to spending time in health food shops and retreat spaces and tuning in to books and media on well-being, happiness, healing pain and suffering. 

The idea of a shop was broached by my friend Aileen who saw a need for one in the town and had the wherewithal to make a go of it. With no retail experience and a complete immersion into learning on the shop floor I slowly began to feel my way and took it on and stayed with it, gradually building the range on offer with the input and support of the growing number of customers.

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Sonas is a busy and diverse space that occupies me and my Team and provides us with a career, a motivation, a purpose, a challenge, a pleasure.